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Sleep study is performed by monitoring of the patient parameters overnight.
Depending on the symptoms experienced; the prescribing doctor shall suggest to opt for a Level 2 or a Level 3 Sleep study. Level 2 denoting a more comprehensive study of parameters including sleep staging.

At Evron we ensure that every patient who needs to undergo the test is properly educated and informed about the test.

We make sure our customers are at ease to sleep just like their normal routine as it shall enable us to get the best diagnosis.

Once a sleep study is booked, our trained technicians ensure the process of hook up of diagnostic device is easy and hassle free for the patient.

The patient is required to keep the device strapped on themselves throughout the night and remove it once they get up. The process to detach the device is easy and is explained to the patients by our technicians.

Followed by this; the data is analyzed by specialized software to provide key parameters of the study; which can be analyzed by the prescribing doctor and further action is taken.

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Once Sleep Apnea has been diagnosed; the physician shall prescribe to use a CPAP or BiPAP depending upon the requirement.

Our team takes utmost care in understanding patient requirement and guiding them to opt for a trial to get accustomed to usage of CPAP/BiPAP.

We place emphasis on the choice of mask as it is by far the only part of the machine that interacts with the patient. Depending upon patient preference; we suggest for nasal or full face masks.

The association with Evron allows the customer to experience a vast range of devices across multiple brands that suit their budget.

On select brands we manage to avail EMI based schemes that makes owning a device easy.

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