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Making the world healthier
Evron Biocraft is a leading service provider for latest respiratory healthcare products and is based in Mumbai, India since 2014.
Making the world healthier
Evron Biocraft is a leading service provider for latest respiratory healthcare products and is based in Mumbai, India since 2014.

Sleep & Respiratory Care Product Specialists

One of the market pioneers with in-depth focus on home care products & solutions designed to support a healthy life.
Sleep Apnea, also known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is very common yet extremely an under diagnosed sleep disorder of modern times. This condition is marked by abnormal breathing during sleep. Our team is actively involved in educating and creating awareness amongst doctors, medical professionals and patients on sleep apnea and its consequences.

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Home Respiratory/Oxygen Therapy is highly recommended for individuals requiring post – operation/ surgery recovery, infection treatment, compromised lung conditions like ILD, COPD, Lung Fibrosis, Pulmonary Hypertension, Pneumonia, Asthma and prolonged Bronchitis. We provide Oxygen Concentrators that work on power and are suited best for home usage as they offer flexibility and are easy to maintain.

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Patients suffering from lung conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)/ Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) / Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) or needs primary ventilatory support to maintain patient oxygen saturation levels; a pulmonologist then prescribes the use NIV devices to achieve targeted use of the lung volume. Our team is dexterous in handling such patients with complex issues.

Our team is supported with learned technicians and guidance from Application Specialists that allow us to provide one of the best in-market home ventilation services. Home ventilation is initiated with our expert & highly-qualified technicians connecting the device to the patient when in the hospital ICU and gradually initiating stabilisation in the ward.

Starting from a resistance band to wheelchairs going up to electric wheelchairs and ICU beds; Evron covers the whole range of rehab & mobility care products to ensure our customers needs are individually met.

Patients with prolonged issues or terminally ill conditions that requires constant monitoring with limited medical intervention can rely on ICU Home Setups with our team of experts and high-quality medical equipments. Being one of the most cost-effective solutions for overfull hospitals, patients can leverage the same setup in the comfort of their own homes .

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Sleep Health Online Session with a Specialist

Having trouble with your sleep or a CPAP related issue and would like to seek a specialist’s advice? Our sleep health service facilitates a virtual sleep consultation.

Home Based Sleep Study with Report Interpretation
Do your home sleep study test in the comfort of your own home! Don’t have to worry about the set-up as our in-house technicians will assist you!

With a blend of an experienced and dynamic leadership, we at Evron are committed towards meeting the demands of the ever changing healthcare environment. Our reputed team of professionals ensures customers are provided with the right equipment to promote a healthy lifestyle.


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