sleep management

  • OSA is a very common yet extremely undiagnosed disorder.
  • Symptoms of OSA:
    • Snoring
      • It is one of the major symptoms of OSA that may put you at the risk of a life – threatening condition.
    • daytime sleepiness,
    • morning headaches,
    • lethargy
    • forgetfulness
    • weight gain,
    • irritability,
    • diabetes and
    • obesity
  • Our team strives hard to educate and create awareness amongst doctors, medical professionals and patients on sleep apnea and its consequences.
  • With our equipped team and dedicated OEM/ principals; we carry out OSA diagnosis by performing sleep studies at patient premises and hospitals as well as in captive sleep study labs.
  • Diagnosis through the most accurate and reliable equipment known as a Polysomnography Test, provides us insight into the severity of OSA.
  • Once a patient tests positive for OSA, we carry out a detailed demonstration followed by a trail to get the patient acclimatized to the use of a PAP device.
  • Depending upon the pressure requirement of each patient; the doctor may suggest the patient to opt for a CPAP or BiPAP.
  • We have the complete range of sleep study based diagnostic equipment starting from Level 1 device to Level 3 device, level 1 being the most extensive and detailed; thus allowing us to have accurate diagnosis.
  • We stand by our service and support standards, right from initial setup to ongoing therapy requirements; that is why our respiratory therapists, patients service technicians and customer service representatives make sure that patient comfort is maintained throughout the process.

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